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27 Jan 2013 10:10
Enfeedia announces improved YouTube video support with updated feed reader and feed generation software 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) With the Jan13 release of its shootOnSite RSS feed reader script and its dbxml RSS feed generation software, Enfeedia announces support for Youtube's latest video embed code snippet based on an iframe, as well as a feature to control presentation of video on iPhones.

The shootOnSite script is used to syndicate (embed) Enfeedia-subscribers' news feeds on webpages. The script is uploaded to the website and invoked by an Enfeedia provided code snippet. The result is presentation of the feed controlled by parameters in the code snippet.

The dbxml software is used by Enfeedia to generate RSS news feeds from database representations of users' feeds, those representations created when users use Enfeedia to publish their feeds.

Because Flash is being abandoned by Apple for mobile devices, in favor of HTML5, YouTube is now offering an iframe-based code snippet to embed its videos in place of its previous Flash-based code snippet. Enfeedia's dbxml software now incorporates that iframe-based snippet. As of today, when uses post items on their feeds that include YouTube videos, the new dbxml software will give them the iframe-based snippet. In fact, every item in their feed will be updated to use the new snippet. One might decide to edit any item in a feed, not actually to make a change, to cause every item with video to be updated.

Because of the small screen size of the iPhone and webpage-publishers' discretion as to how much space is given to a syndicated feed, Enfeedia has released the updated version of shootOnSite that, for the iPhone, suppresses the on-page presentation of the YouTube video, substituting a link tha opens the video in YouTube. Publishers are strongly encouraged to upload the Jan13 version of the software, also because of various other improvements. To upload the software, go to "Stylize and Promote Feeds", find the upload mechanism at the bottom of that page.