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15 Jan 2008 14:01
Improving your site's SERP with news feeds. How? 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Here's how. Improve your site's Search Engine Results Placement using RSS News Feeds in three ways.

First, search engines know from which search term a site was reached, and for how long a site visitor stayed on that page once there. It's widely believed that with this knowledge, search engines will improve the SERP for a search term the longer one views the site using that search term. By including well-written news feeds on your site, you can retain the visitor's attention and keep them around for awhile longer, thereby improving your SERP.

Second, when you include news feeds on your site and add a news item from time to time, you keep your website "fresh". Search engines reward sites with fresh content, compared to relatively static sites, with higher SERP. Yes, you could just change your website HTML code from time to time, but hohw much easier it is using a news feed for this purpose: no coding, no file uploading, no web designer fees.

Finally, the content of your news items is "crawled" be search engines. If you write news with thoughtfully selected keywords organically intertwined with your text, your web page will be seen increasingly more relevant to search terms appearing in your news items as well as across your site, again improving your SERP.

Don't miss out on the news feed opportunity. They're easy, powerful ... and free.